A craft moment in time

by Sayraphim on September 1, 2008

Reading an article on Arts Hub*. I’m not a big fan of the new changes to Arts Hub, it seems like there’s hardly any jobs advertised there anymore and I wonder if it’s worth the subscription fee now a days. talking to people, it seems like I’m not the only one wondering that. But they have an article up there by Liz Semour on craft called “Beyond doilies: the art of craft”. Its the first article I’ve ever seen on Arts Hub I’ve been interested in. It’s a little snobby in the writing, but hey, an article on craft. So maybe the changes arn’t all bad.

There’s a really interesting quote from Joe Pascoe, the CEO and Artistic Director of Craft Victoria, on the old style of thinking on craft:

“There are two main models in European tradition: one is the peasant model, the other is the aristocratic model. You’re either making your [object] for the table or for the mantelpiece; if it’s for the mantelpiece it’s ornamental, if it’s for the table it’s functional,” he says.

I thought that was fascinating. I love learning history of things I’m terribly interested in, and I love reading those things that never occurred to you before, but once it’s pointed out, you think – well, that makes perfect sense.

Love it.

The rest of the article isn’t great actually, but it was worth wading through it to find that little sparkle.

*For those of you who are wondering, Arts Hub is a job site for artists.

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