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by Sayraphim on January 10, 2009

Mid last year, as you might well know, I curated and organised an exhibition encouraging artists to create self portrait dolls of how they view themselves inside. My doll is at your right, a 4 foot high little green monster built in a similar style to the muppets.

Recently I knitted a version of her as a present, and I’ve only jsut got the photo. I’ve got to stop giving the guys away before I photograph them. But anyway, I just wanted to share her with you. The only difference really is the little one has blue eyes and the big one has brown eyes. That wasn’t intentional, the little one was totally created out of my stash and I only had blue eyes that size. The photo of the actual Totem doll was taken before she had feet (the publicity deadline came faster than I expected) but rest assured she has dreadfuly cute 3 toed feet, which is why the knitted version has feet too… and I love her little knitted belly!

It’s like looking at one of those spot the difference cartoons in the paper really, isn’t it!

One of the things I loved about the big doll was that (although you can’t see it well because of the dress) she actually has boobs. This lady ain’t flat chested, she has little boobs befitting her size and statue. I think boobs on grown up versions of things are important, especially when it’s not a sexual thing. Here I put my hand up and say yes, I have knitted topless burlesque dolls with boobs, which was, amongst other things, exploring what you can do to make the subject of dolls more grown up, but leaping to the other side of the fence, I feel that most dolls are made flat chested and for the vast majority, the only time dolls are made with boobs is for when they’re all pimped out, dressed in their underwear and generally slutted out. So one of the themes I’m working on at the moment is dolls with breasts. Of course, the last three dolls I’ve made were all flat chested. But one was for a child and the other two were portrait dolls. I think there’s something a little odd about giving someone a portrait doll of themselves with lovingly handcrafted breasts.

Ovbiously I’m still working through this one… I’ll get back to you when I’ve figured it out.

In other, unrelated news, check this out! it’s a dress designed and HAND KNITTED by Knitwear Designer Jemma Sykes.

I love the texture of the loops, as well as the beautiful shape it’s taken. The text tells us that it’s called The Elizabeth, and it’s created from 100% organic wool dyed a soft pink. I wish it said just how much wool it took.

You can find it here.

Ladies and gentlemen, is there nothing a knitter can’t do?

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Kirsty January 11, 2009 at 9:38 am

That dress is incredible!

Sayraphim January 11, 2009 at 10:06 pm

I know! I’d love to know how it’s constructed, although it says it’s handknitted, really all you can see is the loops. I wonder if she knitted it first and then wove in the loose wool?

How ever she did it, it’s a mind boggling amount of work

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