A Moment in Yarn at Craft Cubed

by Sayraphim on June 25, 2014

Fishpond (A Moment in Yarn) Fishpond, one of the first Moments in Yarn

A Moment in Yarn

Monday, 4 August from 10am
Tickets: $25/$15
I’m super excited about this! Craft Victoria’s annual craft extravaganza is on again and this year, I’ve been invited to participate in the Craftivism day at Fed Square on the 4 Aug.

The day is titled “Craftivists, Radical Knitters and Yarnbombers” and it’s a mini-expo of craftivist. Exploiting subversion as a key to their intentions, radical knitters and craftivists use their craft skills in unexpected and challenging ways. The day will include showcases of projects, workshops and demonstrations and the opportunity to talk to craftivists in person. Some of the invited groups include: Knitting Nannas Against Gas, Knitting Nannas of Toolangi, the Anti-Maccas Tecoma craft group, Sayraphim Lothian’s Guerrilla Kindness project, Radical Cross Stitch Posse, AMUCK, Craft Cartel’s femiNEST, Yarn Corner and several yarnbombing crews.

I’ll be there all day hosting a stall and chatting about Guerrilla Kindness, selling DIY Kakapo and Guerrilla Kindness kits and a couple of specially made journals. I’m also presenting one of my favourite one-on-one works, A Moment in Yarn, which is a beautiful half hour in which the participant tells me a precious memory and I translate it into a granny square for them to take home.

A Moment in Yarn was last presented at the Battersea Arts Centre’s Scratch Nights and I’m thrilled to be able to present it again in Melbourne.

Tickets for A Moment in Yarn are $25/$15, but there are only 12 spaces, so be quick!

The whole event is free, so if you just want to drop by and check out some of these amazing craftivists, I’ll see you there!

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