a weekend of festivities

by Sayraphim on January 27, 2009

This weekend the Arts Centre ran New Gold Mountain, a two day festival celebrating the Chinese New Year. There were Chinese food stalls, little market stalls, performances from Whu Shu and Tai Chi groups, dancers, Chinese lions and a craft workshop where you could make Chinese hats and, as it’s the Year of the Ox, decorate little Ox shapes to put in the garden.

Guess which activity I was running? As a clue, can I just say how good is it when the main tools of your job is crayons and glue sticks?

Above is a photo of artisans hard at work on construction of their hats.

Left is one of the finished products. I love the angle of this shot, hat and little feet sticking out. There were hundreds (literally hundreds) of children and adult participants over the weekend. We handed out something like 600 Oxen and 800 hats, and we could have had more! We had a constant queue for them all weekend.

Below is the Ox garden, where some people left their Ox once they were done.

It was an awesome weekend and yet another workshop that was heaps of fun to run. Congrats to the Arts Centre for such a fun couple of days!

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