Ah, time flies when you’re busy as heck

by Sayraphim on August 9, 2009

Oh my god. So the second week of uni has wizzed past, and I haven’t posted in my blog for 7 days! I think that’s probably a record since I started… I have been crafting alongside the study and stress, but again it’s for the play so I can’t show you finished projects.

How about a few teasers?

Materials: ink, cardboard, felt, thread.

Materials: cotton fat quarters, thread, willow ball

This is part of my Big West Festival entry, 140cm long piece of knitting. It goes from grey/green colour, through this beautiful rust, some green and some red patchs up to blue and white at the top for the sky. It’s an abstract tree, which is fitting since it will be stitched to a real tree somewhere in the Western suburbs. After the festival I’ve been assured that there is a plan for all the knitting contrubuted, which makes me happy because there’s a lot of work and care gone into them all and I’d hate for them to be just chucked out of shoved into a cupboard in an office somewhere never to see the light of day again.

And this one
finger puppets are such fun to make. Especially when it’s for a play so you can hot glue them together rather than stitch, which would take SO much longer…

I can’t wait for all the props to be done so we can photograph them scene after scene and I can share with you some of my favs!

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