and now, a little hold music

by Sayraphim on January 30, 2009

I’m currently working on a film, hense the silence this week.
Well, no, it’s not that I’m working that makes the silence happen, the the 12-15 hour night shifts we’re pulling. Film is a hard slog.

But it’s also fun and filled with amazing images. We were shooting last night in an empty converted warehouse, and I was one of the first to turn up. So I wandered around a little, just to have a look and came across this

It was a sculpture that had fallen from the ceiling. It makes me think of a captured sea monster in a museum, longing to go home.

I’ve got some cool craft going on, in the short hours between when I’m awake and when I’m off to work, so as soon as it’s done there will be sharing galore!

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