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by Sayraphim on September 29, 2008

Wandering around fellow DUSTer sites, I came across Kylie B’s blog, which had this sentance as the start of the latest entry:

I have been reading a lot on Blogs and forums that’s sales on Etsy have been slowing and mainly due to the World economics, its quite scary to hear all this happening.

So it is starting to happen. People have commented in reply to her post that they are starting to find that sales are slipping.

I wrote a comment too, but after I finished it, I thought I’d post it here as it furthers my thinking of the last post about this.

I think it’ll be interesting times. I’m convinced that people will more than ever turn to making their own stuff, which will grow awareness of those of us who already do. I think there’ll be much more a sence of community as people come together over this.

I’m convinced that the DIY ethic will just grow and grow, and I can’t help but think that at least there’ll be some good to come out of this troubled and worrisome time.

Kylie goes on to give some good advice for sellers whose businesses have slowed. She suggests that you use the coming quiet time to stock up on items, so that when the current financial slump starts reversing and people have spare cash again, you’ll have a store chocked full of goodies waiting for them. I think that’s good advice if you have the money to do it. Otherwise (or concurrently) I’d focus on updating your website that you’ve been meaning to for ages and haven’t got around to yet, doing updated business plans, really, all the admin that you’ve put asiderecently, so that when your cash starts flowing again you’ll be in the perfect position to hit the ground running.

I’ve been checking out some blogs myself about it all, and I found this comment by outofthepinksky in an etsy forum All I can say though is that it’s embarrassing to me that U.S. based idiocy in the financial field could potentially send the whole world into chaos…and for that, I’m sorry.
And I thought that was lovely of her to apologise.

In other matters, I’m still waiting on Totem images, but I promise they’ll be here soon.

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