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by Sayraphim on May 29, 2019

Ok, so honestly, I don’t know if this is helpful to my phd or not, but I thought I’d make a list of Australian Edutubers right now. Part of the problem with research into a social media is that stuff changes so fast. But the time you’re ready to publish your phd (or the book you’ve been working on, or the article or anything else), it’s probably out of date. The channels that I’ll list today might be defunct or change focus or YouTube itself might close tomorrow.

But since it’s fun to run along the edge of cliffs, let’s do this!

Tiny disclaimer – I know this is not, and will never be, a complete list. It’s sometimes hard to find the Australian content creators amongst everyone else. But I’ll keep adding to it as I find them and if I’ve missed your favourites/other ones you know of, let me know know in the comments!

Also, all channel descriptions are from the channels themselves. None of them are me, except Monsterthinks. Which is actually me.


MonsterThinks (This is me!) – – humanities, arts, creative resistance and cultural org collections

MonarchsFactory Mythology & Folk/Faerie Tales, English Lit, myriad other oddball topics [+ some less educational content like my scripted series about werewolves…]

Misskoko galleries, libraries, archives, museums and records management, humanities, arts, and whatever else interests me

Mr Kolber’s Teaching This is my channel for uploading Teaching videos to accompany the resources that I have developed. My teaching areas are English, Humanities / History, and English as an Additional Language (EAL).


Witness Performance – Australian theatre and performance history from pre-colonisation to now.

Shadversity  SWORDS, Science fiction, fantasy, philosophy and SWORDS!


kellischannel – English teaching, secondary education, poetry, reflective education practice, vlogging

Kylie’s Edventures – – Primary School Teaching, Technology integrated teaching, eduvlogging

Kafoople Land – Emma-Jane Kafooples is a high school English teacher who makes videos about Teaching, Parenting and Lifestyle.

Talkin’ Chalk – Tips for teachers from a proud Aussie educator.


IDU Curiosity – palaeontology, gemmology, geology, space & aerospace, mathematics, mining heritage, railway history and whatever else interests me at the time

Factoid Computers, space, money, science

Veritasium  An element of truth – videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.

Brain Craft I make videos about your brain, body and behaviour to help you understand yourself and the world a little bit better

High School Physics Explained Are you in high school? Do you struggle at Physics? I am here to help.

Johanna Howes Why hello there! My name’s Dr Johanna Howes and this is your one-stop… channel thing for weekly stories about Science History.


Amanda Loves to Audit I’m a senior lecturer in assurance and auditing services at the University of Technology Sydney – here you’ll find videos of diagrams and explanations I use in my classes, interviews with people in the accounting profession and study hints and tips.

TetracarbonEdu – Education videos on Accounting, Economics, and business.

Numberphile – Videos about numbers – it’s that simple.

Eddie Woo – Currently Head Teacher Mathematics in a comprehensive public school in Sydney, Australia.


Kiwasi Games – – Programming, focusing on programming for video games development

Computerphile – Videos all about computers and computer stuff. Sister channel of Numberphile.


Cakes by Choppa – Fun and Simple cake decorating that you can do at home!

Other educational channels

Cuppa Cha – Addicts & Lovers of Tea – Tea Knowledge Channel – basic to advance tea information. Building a tea community around lots of Collaborations with tea professionals and practitioners.

Ask AMY – Building Diverse Families & Positive Parenting & Disciplinary Techniques



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