Artist in Op Shops

LOTHIAN_AiOSArtist in Op Shops places artist Sayraphim Lothian in a corner of your local charity shop, responding to the shop, the stock and the customers using nothing but what can be found on the shop floor and in the back room.

Taking over a corner, the artist sets up a small space – table, chair, shelf, baskets, whatever they can find. Then, using clothes and materials that have been donated but cannot be sold (pieces with stains, holes etc), the artist starts creating.

Stitching soft sculpture portraits of the customers and staff, creating the streetscape of houses, parks and shops, responding to books and paintings in the store; the possibilities for creation in such a space are endless. As the artist creates a range of small works specific to the op shop she’s installed in, they are then displayed in the shelves in the artist’s space.

Artist in Op Shops offers the public a new way to look at charity shops and their stock while also giving them an opportunity to watch an artist at work and to be inspired to create something new.

Presented as part of Art in Public Places