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by Sayraphim on March 10, 2009

I know people flock to Ravelry, and I have considered it, but my understanding is that you log in and list all your wool and all the patterns you want to knit.

My problem is that I don’t work that way. I have 6 clear plastic tubs of wool and yarn organised according to colour, but there’s only ever one or two balls of each and I never know what brand they are. This is because I buy most of my yarn from op shops, at 50c or so a ball.

On the up side, it’s cheap and I always find interesting wool you can’t find in shops, but on the down side you can’t knit whole jumpers or anything because there’s really only ever one or two balls of the same type. But since I really only knit little dolls, 1 ball of wool will do anywhere from one doll to many, depending on what I’m knitting. So really, that’s another up side.

It’s all coming up Milhouse…

Plus, I never knit patterns. This is partly because my ability to read patterns is only slightly better than my ability to read music. Playing anything on piano via reading music comes out all stilted and the musical equivalent of SEE JANE, SEE JANE RUN, RUN JANE RUN. But mostly it’s because I think of something to knit and then knit it. I don’t need a pattern to know how to knit a burlesque girl, and I think I’d be hard pressed to find one. I just make it up as I go along, and then I keep bowling along.

I’m telling you all this for a reason. Which appears to be that I’ve jsut finished knitting a number of doll prototypes for this semester’s Knitting Club workshop which I’m quite happy with, but more details of that soon. I then ran out of things to knit breifly, so I’m now halfway through knitting a little pirate (currently he’s naked and sans his rowboat, so I can’t put photos up yet. This is a family show after all.) and I’m also finally finishing off the Vampira and the Medusa I knitted a while ago.

Again, no photos at this stage due to the highly technical reason that I’ve misplaced my camera cord. But soon my pretties, soon.

Until then, check out about the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while, which I found through a google image search of MEDUSA to check her regular facial expression for the doll.

I present to you How to have mythological children:

I found it here, but no details as to who did it or anything. But how cool is that! And such a serious expression on the child’s face.

Rockin thing to go out on tonight, don’t you think?

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