More Guerrilla Kindness in Christchurch

October 8, 2014

Last night in Christchurch, some young people took to the streets to make their voice heard about an issue they were learning about – human slavery, as part of an event called LOUDER. LOUDER is a week of creative arts events, workshops and discussions to raise awareness about human trafficking and funds for the anti-trafficking […]

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The story of the Kakapo

January 21, 2014

Douglas Adams famously described the New Zealand native kakapo as the ‘world’s largest, fattest and least-able-to-fly parrot’. The males can grow up to a whopping 60cm and both males and females are a beautiful mottled green and yellow with black flecks. It may also be the world’s longest living bird with a suspected life expectancy […]

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#Minifashionprotest banner install

August 19, 2013

Last week, I installed my Mini Fashion Protest Banner in the middle of Melbourne. If you missed the post about it, you can find that here. Because it’s part of a worldwide protest, I wanted a really super ‘Melbourne’ shot, so a tram and Fed Square was my solution. The Mini Protest Banner Kit had […]

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#Minifashionprotest – add your voice

August 7, 2013

So I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the inspiring Sarah Corbett before, but for those of you new to the game, Sarah runs the tireless Craftivist Collective in the UK, working hard to change the world for the better through slow activism. There’s a number of statements in that sentence that need a little unpacking. Craftivism […]

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Acts of Public Craft

July 3, 2013

The other day, Betsy Greer posted this image on her Facebook page, asking for thoughts: One commenter mentioned that she felt that yarn bombs don’t have the impact they once did, and asked “Maybe the question needs to be: how can public craft be innovative and unexpected now?” This has got me thinking about street […]

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Grassroots DIY activism

April 22, 2013

In Sydney, earlier this year, the Sydney City council painted the crossing at Taylor Square in rainbow colours to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. It was planned as a temporary work but was so popular the council decided to make it a permanent feature.  However, in responce, the state […]

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