craft exhibition

Awesomely exciting exhibition opportunity !

April 19, 2011

OOO people! There’s a seriously exciting thing happening on the other side of the world! The awesome guys at Stitch London have organised STITCHED SCIENCE, where people can send in their knitted/crocheted/sewn science items. Dinosaurs, Bunsen burners, rocketships, skeletons, whatever you can think of that has a science theme. How awesome is that?  I’m sending in […]

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Fringe Fringe Fringe

September 27, 2009

Our Fringe show Everything Will Be Ok is going really well. We’re playing to extremely appreciative audiences, they hang around afterwards and ask lots of questions, about the ideas behind it, about the puppetry involved, about how long it took to build, all sorts of things. They tell us that it’s absorbing and magical, which […]

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Ah, time flies when you’re busy as heck

August 9, 2009

Oh my god. So the second week of uni has wizzed past, and I haven’t posted in my blog for 7 days! I think that’s probably a record since I started… I have been crafting alongside the study and stress, but again it’s for the play so I can’t show you finished projects. How about […]

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The Craft Exchange

October 2, 2008

I am in 3 exhibitions as part of Fringe this year. One is Totem, as you all know, one is Digital Fringe, which I submitted a bunch of digital images I’ve made over the past couple of years which is shown on hundreds of screens around the world (I think), and one is The Craft […]

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Curating according to Soda Jerk

September 30, 2008

So I’m part of a Craft Exchange Salon for Melbourne Fringe, put together by the Safari Team It’s a cool idea. The Safari Team made a bunch of craft and then put the call out. Anyone who wanted in emailed their name to the ST. The ST in turn, sent each participant some craft, in […]

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