When you really focus on something…

June 30, 2009

So I’ve become obsessed with Peacocks, since I made that peacock for my swap partner, and I was reading the Meet Me At Mikes book, which had a project by Kristen Doran in it. Kristen was one of my Totem artists, so I popped along to her blog to see what she was up to. …

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Exhibition coming up!

June 18, 2009

I’m in an exhibition in 3 weeks! The gallery hasn’t named it, so it’s jsut the artists’ name. So come along to the Deborah Hally, Sayraphim Lothian, Tebani Slade exhibition at Gallery Obscura,1st Floor, 284 Carlisle St, East St Kilda You can see Deborah’s work here on RedBubble, her still is beautiful! I can’t wait …

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The next exhibition – Echo’s Lost (artist callout)

June 15, 2009

I’m curating another exhibition for Fringe this year. Info below: Omnific Assembly is calling for submissions to their latest exhibition, titled Echo’s Lost, which will be held during the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2009. Echo’s Lost is an exhibition focusing on the idea of Memory and an exploration of what is left behind when memories …

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Phew! What a lot of things to cram into such a short time

April 7, 2009

Oh, there has been much art, much business and a internet connection MIA. Damn technology! On the weekend, I worked on a short shoot of a showreel of a film written by local guys. Well, Jude and a friend of his. It was great to work on a professional shoot but stacked full of mates. …

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Presents in the Post (or A Little Bit Of History Repeating…)

March 11, 2009

Today I received two packages in the mail. The first was from the delightful Isabella Golightly, who sent me three lavender pyramids in return for the peacock I sent her. How nice is that? She didn’t have to, it was all covered, but she sent them anyway. They smell divine! I love the smell of …

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When Craft Attacks…

February 8, 2009

So I had this dream the other night, that I heard about an artist in another town that was making dolls and leaving them around for people to find (al la The Toy Society) and so I went down there to see them. I found a big pile and took two of my favourites, they …

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Tutorial: 6 steps to an awesome exhibition

January 17, 2009

This stems from my interview with the great community radio station 3CR. It’s how to curate and organise a well thought out group exhibition, using the internet at almost every stage to facilitate it. Step one: The idea and the research behind it Every group exhibition needs a theme, some kind of idea that ties …

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Sydney exhibition

October 26, 2008

I am in an exhibition in Sydney that opens Thursday 6th of Nov. It’s part of the Bike Festival and it’s on at the At The Vanishing Point gallery, in Newtown. It’s being curated by Mitra Jovanovic, who is being mentored by the gallery, and it’s been a really interesting process, beig curated by someone …

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