high vs low craft

art vs toys

September 15, 2008

Another question the Age reporter asked me, as she sat in my studio surrounded by dolls, was “Where is the line between Art and Toy?” That’s another hard one to answer. The ends of the scale are easily defined, but it’s the middle that’s fuzzy and gray. Art Dolls are often the exquisitely carved or […]

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another Totem doll and some craft musings

September 12, 2008

Firstly, Natalie Kalinova has posted her doll online. You can find Natalie’s Flickr set here. I love this doll, reminds me of being all rugged up against the cold and the wind on a grey winter’s day. This is something that I love about this show, that dolls are so familiar, and the truths they […]

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craft thinkin (am I wading into a nasty swamp here?)

August 29, 2008

Craft is an odd thing. Society isn’t sure where it’s placed or how to think about it. For example: I was talking to a gallery owner about maybe organising a craft exhibition a few years ago and she was behind the idea but said several times through out the conversation “Now, you’ll make sure it’s […]

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