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new commission – zombie class mascot

March 18, 2011

Gosh! I like a challenge, but this one is a doozie. I’ve been commissioned by a Prep teacher to make her class a mascot. I’ve made a number of mascots in the past for classes, including a Ringmaster called Petey Barnam and a tree named Mr Barkly Tree (named by the kids in the class) […]

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Research is such a pretty thing

March 30, 2010

I’m working on a new project, this time it’s a solo photography exhibition. I wont say too much about the actual theme at this point, but so I’m doing a whole swathe of research on stuff from the 30s. I want the photos to have an element of realism. Since they’re sort of vaguely set […]

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First Lady of Knitting

March 19, 2010

what a great title to hold! I was on the Historic Fibers blog and checking out the links on the right nav bar. There is a big pile of awesome knitting history links and I thought I would share them with you all. Firstly is The Hook and The Book virtual exhibition. An awesome and […]

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Monsters are really the best

March 18, 2010

A couple of net finds while I finish off a few things… Firstly, I came across these awesome guys from Silent Orchard I love them! I love the thought and detail that’s gone into the charaterisation of each one. She’s got a number of great softies on her flickr, so do go check them […]

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A beautiful thing.

March 12, 2010

The lovely and most marvelous Pip from Meet Me At Mikes had a little muse the other day as to how to help your little ones become avid readers. It’s a lovely post filled with good ideas to help encourage reading in children. Along with that it has some great comments attached! If you haven’t […]

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soul comforting beauty in North Melbourne

March 8, 2010

A friend of mine has just opened the most beautiful shop in the world with one of the most inspiring names I’ve ever heard. Orlando and Ivy. It makes you think of Picnic at Hanging Rock kind of times, all white dresses and hints of green. It’s such an evocative title! And the store itself […]

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craft yourself some army surplus

February 20, 2010

I was just researching some less plans for political stuff and I came across this craft activity. Yes, it’s how to make your own gas masks by the John Curtin Prime Ministerial library. There’s a number of lesson plans on the site which include ‘craft activites’. Naturally I clicked on it, and clearly this fun […]

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crocheting is an addiction

December 14, 2009

Becclebee, from marjoryjane, invited me toone of her regular crafternoons last weekend. While there, she was crocheting very interesting things. So interesting, infact, that I abandoned the pre-prepared craft I had bought along and jumped instead on the crocheting band wagon. She, and now I, have been busy crocheting stars using the wonderful Royal Sisters […]

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I am in love with both of these artists

September 7, 2009

I was thinking about things I could do with my classes today, and I remembered somewhere on Craftster (I think) a girl was translating her childhood drawings into dolls. They looked incredible! So I decided to find some children’s drawings on the net so I could start thinking about doing it as well. I discovered […]

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Gosh, a winner

August 11, 2009

Last week Cate from the wonderful Polka Dot Rabbit had a give away on her blog to win these ace embroidered kitten mittens. I entered it, and won! How nice is that? They arrived today in the mail, with gift card and the cutest little badge out of retro looking material. Such a wonderfully warming […]

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