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Owl in Spotlight new puppets

August 30, 2010

Greetings my friends! I’ve had my head down and butt up sewing my Cinderella fingers to the bone for the upcoming show for Halloween. But I wanted to share a scene with you! This is our heroine, Dort, stumbling across a scene from the Salem Witch Trials. These guys are some of my current favourites. […]

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POstal goodness

September 4, 2009

The other day I recieved something wonderful in the mail. I’d been talking to a friend of mine’s mother, who knits her grandson all sorts of clothes, and I jokingly said to her “Oh, you should knit me some socks while you’re at it!” She laughed, I laughed, and the story was forgotten. Until the […]

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Crafty types going out exploring

August 26, 2009

So we were learning about animation the other day, and teaching it to kids. I got so excited by the idea I went home and made one myself. Presenting: The craft of eating grapes It was really quite simple, I set up the camera on a tripod and pointed it at the floor, I cut […]

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so naughty, and yet totally work safe!

July 21, 2009

Oh, oh, OH, I love new projects. I love the excitement that builds as I contemplate the things I’ll make a do for a new project. I love the exciting ‘new’ness of a new project, because I’m so used to the older projects I’m currently working on. I love everything about a new, good exciting […]

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New art

July 20, 2009

So it’s finally finished. A while back I was commissioned to make two artworks on the theme of HEART. Due to a huge bundle of red tape, I’m still awaiting payment for one of them. Payment is often a difficult thing. People don’t seem to understand that art takes time and materials, and these things […]

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now, it’s Art Selling Girl!

July 17, 2009

Everyone has a superhero name, and mine changes weekly. This week it’s Art Selling Girl. One of my works sold from my Gallery Obscura show! One Shot, at your right, sold unframed. Yay! I love, love LOVE selling work for a number of reasons. One, the money is always nice. Two, it’s always uplifting that […]

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How things all connect together. And how things are lovely

July 14, 2009

I went to Brown Owls last night, it’s such a wonderful thing. Sitting in a room filled with people who are jsut as interested in craft as you are. The lady next to me was granny squaring her away towards a beautiful white, gray and dark gray scarf. The lady next to her (the noise […]

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July 2, 2009

The guys over at Fandomania have found via craftster and showcased my K9 tissue box holder along with three other Dr who related tissue box covers at Fandomestic: Time Lord-Approved Tissue Boxes. Thank you guys! Pop on over and check out the other ones listed, there’s some beautiful work going on there…

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Where Sayraphim dabbles with prototypes and finally finishes a rug

June 22, 2009

Usually I get an idea of what I’m going to make I’ve got it clearly in my head and I set out to make it. Days or weeks later it’s done and it’s always pretty close to what I imagined. I’m incredibly lucky in that skill, that I can produce pretty much exactly what I […]

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Exhibition coming up!

June 18, 2009

I’m in an exhibition in 3 weeks! The gallery hasn’t named it, so it’s jsut the artists’ name. So come along to the Deborah Hally, Sayraphim Lothian, Tebani Slade exhibition at Gallery Obscura,1st Floor, 284 Carlisle St, East St Kilda You can see Deborah’s work here on RedBubble, her still is beautiful! I can’t wait […]

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