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Owl in Spotlight new puppets

August 30, 2010

Greetings my friends! I’ve had my head down and butt up sewing my Cinderella fingers to the bone for the upcoming show for Halloween. But I wanted to share a scene with you! This is our heroine, Dort, stumbling across a scene from the Salem Witch Trials. These guys are some of my current favourites. […]

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Review for Everything Will Be Ok

September 27, 2009

In Everything Will Be Okay Sayraphim Lothian joins Robert Reid to perform a sixty minute show of tabletop puppetry. The performance is the surreal conception of Reid, artistic director of Melbourne’s Theatre in Decay. As I entered the theatre for the performance, the usher advised that I should, “Listen with my eyes, and see with […]

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Fringe Fringe Fringe

September 27, 2009

Our Fringe show Everything Will Be Ok is going really well. We’re playing to extremely appreciative audiences, they hang around afterwards and ask lots of questions, about the ideas behind it, about the puppetry involved, about how long it took to build, all sorts of things. They tell us that it’s absorbing and magical, which […]

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Everything Will Be Ok.

September 24, 2009

So, last night was opening and it went pretty damn well. There was an audience of 6, and for a show that only seats 12, that’s pretty damn good. The biggest thing for me was that last night was my first ever night performing. I come from a visual arts background, and although I’ve worked […]

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Ah, time flies when you’re busy as heck

August 9, 2009

Oh my god. So the second week of uni has wizzed past, and I haven’t posted in my blog for 7 days! I think that’s probably a record since I started… I have been crafting alongside the study and stress, but again it’s for the play so I can’t show you finished projects. How about […]

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Where Sayraphim dabbles with prototypes and finally finishes a rug

June 22, 2009

Usually I get an idea of what I’m going to make I’ve got it clearly in my head and I set out to make it. Days or weeks later it’s done and it’s always pretty close to what I imagined. I’m incredibly lucky in that skill, that I can produce pretty much exactly what I […]

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You shouldn’t expect meaning from those paid to fake it

December 22, 2008

There’s a review online for the show This Is Set In The Future at It seems a little conflicted, glowing at the start and not so keen at the end, which is a little weird, but still its a good review… This is set in the future a traditional Christmas tale of blood, cum […]

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December 9, 2008

In the next week there’s going to be a Surprise Piggy tutorial and a cloth doll tute (I haven’t thought of a funky name for her yet) and I’m really looking forward to sharing those with you! But until then, I figured I’d share some photos from the play I designed that’s just finished, This […]

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Theatre and toys

November 17, 2008

Oh, it has been a very busy week, mostly craftwise! I have built, sewn, glued and created more props for the play and we’re now on the home stretch. Once the show is down, I’ll put some photos up here of these nicely crafty props, but y’all have to wait til then, otherwise it’ll spoil […]

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