Crocheting along

May 5, 2009

So I taught myself to crochet the other day. I knew the basic stitch, so I utalised that. I’ve crocheted a little demon and a long thin tube for a secret project that shall have to remain nameless for the moment. I don’t have any photos of my projects, they’re not here today, but I […]

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a discussion of monsters, breasts, dresses and moral dilemmas

January 10, 2009

Mid last year, as you might well know, I curated and organised an exhibition encouraging artists to create self portrait dolls of how they view themselves inside. My doll is at your right, a 4 foot high little green monster built in a similar style to the muppets. Recently I knitted a version of her […]

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Good New Year News

January 6, 2009

Oh, ok, so maybe I’m dorky, but I’m always thrilled when someone buys something of mine. It makes me feel warm and special and happy. And I’m telling you this because someone just bought my baby Yeti off Etsy! Ta taa! When I first started on Etsy, I had two sales pretty quickly and then […]

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Craft mirrors

December 22, 2008

My grandmother was very artistic. She could take any image at all and copy it perfectly. She used to lament because she couldn’t draw out of her imagination, but truly could copy anything perfectly. It was a staggering talent and one I always admired and secretly wished I had. But it suddenly occurred to me […]

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much craft community

December 16, 2008

Last night I went to the Craft Cartel‘s inaugural Flock and Flog Market, which was a sort of semi-spontaneous flash mob market. Turn up, hock your wares and vanish back into the night. You can read more about the mentality behind it on their website, but it was a sort of squatters market, instead of […]

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Totem opening

October 1, 2008

The photos finally arrived! The opening went really well, we had around 400 people come past in the 3 hours, and myself and a couple of the artists were interviewed for Fringe purposes on film and it might head over to Channel 31, Melbourne’s community TV channel as well. In other exciting news, Fed Square […]

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Totem opening and Other

September 26, 2008

Oh, joy of joys, Totem opened last night, in front of an undulating crowd of around 400 people. I was so happy! The show itself looked incredible, and there really was a never ending crowd of people peering into the space. We took photos, but I don’t have a camera cord to upload them at […]

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2/3s of Totem done

September 22, 2008

So I’ve been in the Fracture gallery for 2 days hanging dolls with my able and lovely assistant. It’s incredible, people keep coming over to look at all the dolls, take photos, it’s attracting heaps of attention from passers-by. The show looks incredible, dolls of all sizes ranged throughout the space. It really is an […]

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Totem article in The Age

September 20, 2008

See? I knew I couldn’t stay away 🙂 The article appeared in The Age today, here it is copied directly from the site:Oh, you inscrutable dollSayraphim Lothian with Rachel Hughes’ bald calico dolls that are part of the Totem installation.Photo: Roger Cummins More than 120 artists’ dolls will soon be on display at Federation Square, […]

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last of the sneak peeks of the Totem dolls

September 19, 2008

I know it’s two posts in one day, but the tomorrow is an extremely busy day and then I’m installing the show for three days, working for two days and then it’s opening night. This might be the last you see of me for a while. Bah, who am I kidding, how could I stay […]

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