Dandenong Patterns

August 16, 2016

Dandenong Patterns was a guerrilla kindness work inspired by historic architectural details found in and around the Greater Dandenong Area, presented at the Cultural Threads festival throughout August, 2016 in Dandenong. The public sent me photos of wrought iron fences, stained glass windows, wooden gables, plaster corbels, mosaicked paths and other small house or building …

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The Lurkers in the Alleys

August 16, 2016

Fragments of a modern gothic tale, told in paste ups.

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Tales from the Woods

September 11, 2015

Tales from the Woods was an artistic residency for Hobson’s Bay City Council at the Woods Street Arts Space​ over 12 weeks from September to December 2015. Every Friday I worked at a desk in the foyer of Woods St making soft sculptures and other crafted objects based on fairy tales from Laverton’s diverse communities. …

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Introducing the new NEWSLETTER!

October 24, 2013

To celebrate my brand spankin’ new newsletter, I’m running a little competition! For the next month EVERYONE who signs up goes in the running to win a For you, stranger prize pack, which consists of a For you, stranger cupcake and a For you, stranger kit, which have everything you need to make your own …

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Gift shop

August 15, 2013

Since most of my projects are unfunded, I’ve added a little gift shop to my website for people who’d like to own artwork and help out at the same time! Check it out here:

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Junction Festival roundup

September 4, 2011

Last week we headed down to Launceston for the Junction Arts Festival. This was the second year for Junction, which was a smaller festival than the huge inaugural one. Next year will again be a big one, according to the festival director Ian Pidd. I was fascinated to go to an arts festival that had …

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Freeplay – game on!

August 29, 2011

I attended Freeplay , the Australian independent games festival, on the weekend. It was great to see so many game developers come together in one place to talk about their industry. Freeplay is fairly focused on computer/ video game design, but there are a number of other types of games covered as well (such …

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updates updates updates

May 15, 2011

It’s a cold and drizzly day here today, so it’s the perfect day to stay inside and work on the site! I’ve just finished my Museums and Institutions page, showing the work I’ve done previously with such organizations and what I can offer them. Do pop over and have a look! The link is in …

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May 9, 2011

Still working on the site, don’t mind the banner, it’s a placeholder until I can make a pretty one, but I’ve just finished the Galleries page and I wanted to tell you about it. It’s all the exhibitions I’ve curated, as well as some detail and photos. Come check it out. So galleries, it’s all …

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Dear world

May 5, 2011

Why hullo! As you can see, I’m just moving the furniture around… Things are being shifted, organized, packed into new pages and prettied up. So pop back in about a week ago and we can have a cuppa and a chat. But do feel free to have a look around at the moment, just mind …

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