Some workshop participant drops

November 1, 2013

I wanted to share these with you… These are two drops from participants in my previous two Guerrilla Kindness workshops at Laneway Learning. We chat about Guerrilla Kindness and each participant makes a felt cupcake to leave out in the world somewhere. These are photos of two of the recent drops sent to me by […]

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Guerrilla Kindness workshop

October 25, 2013

On Wednesday I ran a Guerrilla Kindness workshop for the good folks at Laneway Learning. The participants get in on sewing a felt cupcake while I chat to them about my work and the ideas and inspiration behind Guerrilla Kindness. The participants are always lovely and they always ask some really interesting questions. I can’t […]

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Working at a gallery

May 18, 2011

This week I’m working at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne. I’m running workshops for kids, examining, interacting and reacting to the sculpture garden around Heide. It’s incredible to introduce kids to sculpture. Most of the workshops are with 3 and 4 year olds. Their energy and enthusiasm (most of the time) is incredible. […]

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heart warming goodness

May 11, 2009

It’s cold outside, so inbetween soup and coffees I thought I’d share some other warming things… Firstly, I was walking down smith st the other day, past the in.cube8r gallery and I saw this dreadfully serious little owl staring out of the window. It’s made by Neptune’s Necklace and I fell in love with it. […]

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a weekend of festivities

January 27, 2009

This weekend the Arts Centre ran New Gold Mountain, a two day festival celebrating the Chinese New Year. There were Chinese food stalls, little market stalls, performances from Whu Shu and Tai Chi groups, dancers, Chinese lions and a craft workshop where you could make Chinese hats and, as it’s the Year of the Ox, […]

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2009 and a confession

December 31, 2008

Happy new year to you all! I hope you all have a wonderful year, filled with love and joy and laughter and friendship, good food and wonderful experiences. I’m all stocked about 2009. I have a feeling it’s going to be great! I’ve got about a million plans for what I want to do with […]

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Doll Workshop exhibition pics

November 20, 2008

The space isn’t good for photos, it’s terribly reflective. It’s got a number of panes of glass between the camera and the dolls, but regardless of that, how good do they all look! I’m so proud. Close ups: I love how different they all are, even though they’re all from the same pattern. The little […]

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Workshops and Chookas

November 3, 2008

EEE! I went to the workshop today and one of the ladies had bought a doll in she made over the week.She’s made a doll of her art teacher as a gift for her. How great is that? It’s so personalized, from the stockings to the glasses to the jewellery to the hair and hair […]

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the workshop culminates in a cake recipe

October 20, 2008

The turkish ladies knitting workshop was drawing to a close. Today was the last day and the dolls were all going to be hung in the Neighborhood Justice Centre tomorrow. But so many of the ladies were keen to keep going we’ve got another week 🙂 I’ve got all the dolls now, they’re all so […]

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Phone Pics

October 13, 2008

I love the fact they invented phone cameras. It makes me so happy that I can whip out my phone at any time and photograph something that captures my interest. And today, while I’m brain dead from being half way through the bumpout of Totem, I thought I’d share a couple. Most of them relate […]

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