What are the different types of YouTube Collabs?

by Sayraphim on May 24, 2019

AKA – Collab (collaboration) categorizations

I’ve been interested in collabs for a while now. In fact I went to a panel on collabs at Vidcon last year. It turned out that out of the 4 people on the panel, one had only collab’ed 10 times and the only Australian on the panel had only collab’ed twice. And on hearing that, I had to ask myself – WHY are these people on this panel? After 5 minutes they still hadn’t started talking about actual collabs, and then the moderator had started making the Americans on the panel say words in an Australian accent.

At that point we left.

Since then, I’ve been looking into them on my own. And Youtube Creator’s Academy talks about how good collabs are but doesn’t give you any ideas on how to do them.  So I’ve made you a list:

Guest appearance (irl* collab)
So someone (B) invites another youtuber (A) to come together and film them both doing something something for B’s channel. Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart often do this on each other’s channels.

A on channel B (online collab)
A films themselves doing something and B films themselves doing the same thing, and then edit together the video. Like a Q & A or something similar.

Half and half
A appears on B’s channel with B for half a video, and then to see the end of the video, audience are encouraged to go to A’s channel where the other half has been uploaded. I’ve seen Hannah Hart do this, but I think it was quite a while ago and I haven’t seen it much since then.

Expert segment
A is talking on A’s channel about a specific subject. A edits in a short piece to camera that B, who has some knowledge about this too, has filmed for A. Usually A will then finish off the video. Extra Credits did this a while ago where they had a sword expert in to talk about swords… or war… or something. I can’t find the exact video, but that’s where I learned this type.

Multiple interviews (irl or online)
Where someone interviews a range of other youtubers about something, and edits the videos together. I did this IRL at Vidcon last year asking edutubers what edutube meant to them and I’m currently editing together an online one, where I’ve asked people to film themselves where they usually do and have a chat about why they started their edutube channel.

A narrates a video for B’s channel. The Growgrin article (below) says that Did You Know Gaming does this often, but a quick check of their channel it seems no longer to be the case.

Guest video
A makes a video and B hosts it on their channel (like a guest post on a website, except video).

B uploads one of A’s videos onto B’s channel that also appears on A’s channel.

Themed series
A and B agree on a theme and then both make a video about it which are uploaded to their own channels but have links/shoutouts to each other’s videos in the video itself.

Reaction videos
A films themselves reacting to and commenting on one of B’s videos.

The Growgrin article also says that one way to to collab with someone is to do a shoutout to them in your video. I would argue that this isn’t a collab, it’s a shout out. I can do a shout out to Hank Green on a video, it doesn’t mean we’ve collaborated now together in a video. Further along in the article they also suggest that commenting on someone’s video is another good way to collab. Yeah, nah. Refer to refutation above.

So that’s all the types of collaboration videos I can think of. Have I missed any?

Funnily enough, this blog post was sparked by a discussion about what we might do as a collab with the excellent Jade from Misskokolib.

*IRL= In Real Life (as opposed to online)
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