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by Sayraphim on June 22, 2009

One of the things I like is coming across craft in the world outside. Not in shops, where you expect to find it, but in other capacities, like decorations, memorials, utalities, whatever. It makes me happy to come across craft that someone has made and is using for a purpose. And that happened this weekend. Jude and I were at a retirement village for a presentation and on the wall was this:

I went in for a closer inspection, and found it was a stain glass tree with leaves inscribed with names. A little framed printout on the wall explained that this was commissioned from one of the resident’s sons as a commemoration and thank you for people who had significantly contributed to the retirement village.

After the ceremony, they had tea and cakes and scones, made by one of the residents. I watched the lady behind the counter spread jam from a big bowl on each of the scones, which had also been clearly made by someone at the home. It was heartwarming to watch.

And earlier that day we had gone to a cafe for breakfast and hanging on the door was one of the best open/closed signs I’ve seen:

I love finding craft out in the wide world…

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