crocheting is an addiction

by Sayraphim on December 14, 2009

Becclebee, from marjoryjane, invited me toone of her regular crafternoons last weekend. While there, she was crocheting very interesting things. So interesting, infact, that I abandoned the pre-prepared craft I had bought along and jumped instead on the crocheting band wagon.

She, and now I, have been busy crocheting stars using the wonderful Royal Sisters star pattern.

(All images kindly nicked from Becclebee’s blog)

The tighter, smaller ones are Becclebee’s. Just like knitting, I crochet looser than she does. At the top of the photo is the pretty 70s crafting dress I was wearing at the time. I’m such a fan of the blue-and-white colour scheme in clothing.

Bec also had these amazing crochet pieces completed
How cute are they! I’m not really a huge fan of christmas decorations but this has made me aware that I’m rather keen on homemade christmas decorations. I’ve already crocheted myself a line of 7 yellow stars, a friend a red, green and white set and a friend with kids a rainbow set of 17 stars. Damn human fraility that I need to rest my wrists now! There’s so many more stars I want to make…

If you haven’t been over to The Royal Sisters, do pop along to bathe in some of her cheerful granny goodness.

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