Curating according to Soda Jerk

by Sayraphim on September 30, 2008

So I’m part of a Craft Exchange Salon for Melbourne Fringe, put together by the Safari Team

It’s a cool idea. The Safari Team made a bunch of craft and then put the call out. Anyone who wanted in emailed their name to the ST. The ST in turn, sent each participant some craft, in exchange for something crafty in return. There was no other requirements, only that it could be posted.

I got a group email from them jsut a moment ago stating “We are putting up the show as I write. It’s looking superb! What a weird bunch of people you all are…” which made me proud.

However, that’s not really what I’m here to talk to you about. One of the Craft Exchange’s featured artists is Soda Jerk. I recognise the name but couldn’t place it, so I googled them. I found their website, which is a funky looking oldschool computer screen, and wandered about the site, trying to place the name. Regretably I’ve still drawn a blank, but amongst other things, they curate shows, and this is what I wanted to show you.

On their CURATE page they have written: Like cutting a mix tape, curating involves bringing together different works and forging new connections between them.

And I think that’s an ace way to view it! All Rock and Roll. Which reminds me that at one of my jobs, they’re calling me a Craft Rock Star, on account of the Age article.
And that makes me laugh.
And wish I had a tshirt with it emblazoned across the front.

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