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by Sayraphim on March 7, 2009

I’m still busily knitting for this years Knitting Club, but which I do that, I’ve made a couple of digital works for an exhibition for the Food and Wine festival.

The first is called Mysteries in the Bottle. I had this vision of a wine bottle crawling with tiny monsters, as I’m a big fan of monsters. This is how it turned out (there’s always an element of randomness with my digital images, I start with an idea and see where it ends up)
Then I figured I’d make a ‘food’ one too. I read a quote from Henri Matisse in which he said that he wanted his art to have the effect of a good armchair on a tried businessman. So that idea made it’s way into the work. This is Visions of Matisse and Newton

Then I figured I’d pull the apple itself into the main focus, since it’s a food and wine festival. So this is called Still Life with Myths, since there are so, so many myths that feature an apple.

As per usual, optimising them for the web has made them nowhere near as detailed or pretty as they are in real life (well, in bigger file size anyway), but if you’re interested seeing bigger versions, all three are up on my redbubble account:

Mysteries in the Bottle
Visions of Matisse and Newton
Still Life with Myth

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