Educational content at Vidcon Australia 3

by Sayraphim on September 23, 2019

So Vidcon happened in Melbourne over the weekend and I went along. They did a call out about 6 weeks ago, asking for people to submit ‘networking sessions’ ideas. Basically for a networking session they provide you with a room and a listing in the program and you hope your community turns up!

To pitch networking sessions, you have to have a vidcon ticket, so i bought a ticket to pitch an edutube session. I pitched several actually, as vidcon had listed examples in their pitch document “humanities and education” “scicomm” “[some other type of education which I have forgotten]”… They accepted all my pitches and put them all together in one networking session” EDUTUBERS AND TEACHERS UNITE”

It was a great session, more folk turned up than last year and we had a really great chat. Kelli and Jade helped me host it, and they are (as always) phenomenal at helping me do these sessions. Some folks also joined the Aus & NZ edutubers FB group we run ( if you’re interested in joining us!) so that was great too.

FUTURE EDIT: I filmed a super quick Why Do You Edu? (Vidcon Edition) just after the networking session:


There was also a single panel I went to, which was about educators and youtube but mostly turned out to be answering the question “do youtubers need to go to film school to make good content?” but I asked an academic question during question time and that sparked off a bunch of academia and youtube stuff which was great!

But interestingly, in the 2 events I went to the same point was raised – that academics at university don’t need to have some kind of education degree/training to teach classes and that educational youtubers don’t always have an educational background to know how to structure lessons/videos. Which is a point I’ll come back to later I think.

But for now, here is a photo of Kelli McGraw, Jade Koekoe and me at Vidcon, 3 educational partners in crime  

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