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by Sayraphim on May 11, 2019

So I’ve been wondering how to start up this blog again, and how to transition it from it’s old, craft focus to my current focus, which is educational youtube videos, otherwise know as


Well, that was easy.

So I’ve been making edutube vids for a while now, a few years in fact, and I’ll relate the story of how I started and why I started in a future post, including telling you about the start of the facebook group for Australian and New Zealand edutubers (are you one? Pop over and join!) and my two Vidcon experiences specifically searching out educational panels/content (EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: I did write that post, and you can find it here.) But for the moment, I’ve been researching educational videos and trying to sort my thinking on them for my planned phd. PHD! SO excited for this! I’m coming at it from an educational point of view, I’ve been a teacher for many years of adults and children and I’m currently an under grad tutor at a university.

On my youtube channel, MonsterThinks, I’ve been sharing educational videos on all sorts of ideas, histories, museum items etc (If you haven’t yet seen any, do check them out, I’m very proud of them!) and two, Dame Edna Everage’s Spider Cake Challenge and the more historical¬†It’s History Time Possums have been taken into the National Film and Sound Archive and the Spider Cake Challenge has been uploaded onto their website.

But I’ve been thinking about explicit teaching, where you show how to do something step by step. All my videos so far have been about knowledge, talking about ideas and history, and I wanted to know if I could also use videos to specifically teach a skill. I know that there are loads of videos out there teaching skills, I learnt how to crochet via a youtube video, but I wanted to see if *I* could do it.

So yesterday morning I made this video, teaching the simple skill of making one of my favourite foods – hummus. It was partly inspired by a instagram photo from Miss Koko who had a friend over to teach her how to cook some things, and partly inspired by a video from Zoe Glatt, who is doing her PhD on youtubers, she made a video about a day in the life of a phd student and during that time received a grocery delivery which included store bought hummus. Both those things made me want to teach people how to make this very simple and super tasty food.

Within 24 hours it has received 3 comments from 2 different commentators both saying they’re inspired to cook after watching it. One commenter, Miss Koko, wants to try cooking it with her son, Eric, this weekend and the other commentor, Van Hog Trio, wondered about the ease of making Babaganoush, to which I replied that Babaganoush is easy, it’s the same recipe as hummus but roasted or fried eggplant in stead of chickpeas.

Miss Koko also made a reaction video with her son:

So that experiment went pretty well. I’m truly hoping that someone does make hummus inspired by this video and thus I will have explicitly taught someone a skill via edutube. Let me know in the comments if you do try it!

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