Edutube: Beyond Science Vidcon USA panel in 2018

by Sayraphim on May 16, 2019

So I found a blog post a while ago from Dr. Robert Runte, who attended a panel at Vidcon US in 2018 called “Edutube: Beyond Science”.

I was fascinated because even Vidcon is saying that edutube is so understood to be scicomm (science communication) that they named their panel “Beyond Science” AKA ‘edutube is other things too folks!’

It was great to read the whole blog post too, Dr Runte talks at length about what the panellists had to say and made me wish like hell a) I could have attended and b) Vidcon Aus had presented a similar panel, instead of locking their only 2018 edutube panel away behind the Industry track and just getting me to host a edutube networking event.

A few choice quotes from Dr Runte follow:

Everything the panelists had to say was music to my ears: that the humanities were as important as the sciences; that the barriers between disciplines were artificial and arbitrary…

The[y] all spoke eloquently for the need for interdisciplinary, cross-boundary education, and that one strength of online edutubers is that they were not restricted by the artificial boundaries imposed by the school system/academia; that there was no one to stop them from drawing on multidisciplinary approaches when they did their programs.

John Green, did add the caveat that those educators working through PBSDigital and so on had to at least label their shows as history or art or etc, because otherwise, their potential viewers would not be able to find them. The problem, he said, is that the viewer doesn’t know what they want to know until they see it.

[Sarah’s channel] Articulation came about because Sarah was an archivist stuck in the basement of a museum who never got to talk to the people for whom she was curating exhibits, and now talks to everyone via video.

I encourage you to go read the whole excellent post here:

Featured image of vidcon logo from here.

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