Eep! When technology goes bad…

by Sayraphim on March 23, 2009

Our internet has been fried! During a storm, lightening hit a tree and all the power went out through the neighborhood. All our computers were off, but our modem was still on.

Thus endth the modem.

Rest assured we are getting it fixed, but it’ll be a little quiet around Chez 63 until then.

But tommorrow I am starting on building a foam Dragon Puppet, and I’ll be photographing the entire process and then putting it online for you all to see.

I’m also knitting worry dolls, a pirate in a rowboat and teaching myself to crochet by crocheting a demon, so there’s plenty of crafty things going on… As soon as we get back to normal programming I’ll be posting pictures of everything!

Until then my friends….

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