For you, stranger

For you, stranger

For you, stranger consists of a series of hand made, fake cupcakes left out on the streets for anyone to find and take home.

For you, stranger, is an exploration of guerrilla kindness, the action of sneakily doing something nice for someone you donโ€™t know, in this case using street art installations to bring a smile to someone’s face, to inject a moment of magic into a passerby’s day.

Like all street art projects, also it rewards those who take the time to look around them while theyโ€™re walking around the city and encourages people to pay attention to the world around them.

Drop 1:
In March, 2012, the first drop of cupcakes were installed in the Melbourne CBD for anyone to notice and take.



Drop 2:

The next set of cupcakes were created with blue icing and dropped around the streets of the Melbourne CBD a few weeks later.

Drop 3:

For you, stranger was then reworked for part of Coney (UK)’s work The Loveliness Principal at Junction Arts Festival in Launceston, 2012. New cupcakes with yellow icing were created with a tag reading “This is a note from Rabbit”. These were then sent to Junction to be placed in cafes and shops around town as tiny moments of loveliness for the duration of the festival.

Drop 4:

On the 9th March, 2013 saw the fourth drop for the project, this time back on the streets of Melbourne CBD, including a sneaky visit to the State Library of Victoria.

Drop 5:

For you, stranger was part of StripFest in St Kilda in August 2013


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Artist Stefan Joksic wrote a poem on Guerrilla Kindness, which you can read here.