Gilding the City yarnbomb mashup!

by Sayraphim on February 4, 2012

I’m so excited about this…

A little while ago yarn bomber Shado Stitch did a call out for suggestions for their current yarnbombing project. I got in contact with them and told them about Gilding The City and explained the idea behind it.

Last night they posted their work!!! Check out how beautiful this is:

You can see more of the bomb here:

I’m SO thrilled that Gilding the City has inspired another artist to create something and so excited about the end product! I love how the necklace is still totally intact too, so anyone who finds it can come along, take it away and wear it. It’s gotten me thinking about how I make the Gilds and how I’d like them to be able to be reused by the people that find them.

I’m also excited to find that the yarnbomb has been installed in Edinburgh, a place I visited a few years ago and fell in love with. Everything about this yarnbomb/Gild mashup is pretty damn exciting really 🙂

I encourage you to go see more of Shado Stitch’s work, you can find them on blogger, twitter and Facebook.

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