Guerrilla Kindness in New York

by Sayraphim on October 18, 2014

My friend Pene is over in New York at the moment and posts updates about people she meets, like postcards home from abroad. This was an amazing lady she met the other day –
“New York Story no. 9

Birds of a feather…

Walking through Washington Square Park, a bit delirious from diorama overload at the Museum of Natural History, I nearly stumbled on a pigeon. Then, it seemed, this pigeon wasn’t for flight – but for delight! The woman pictured, wearing a gold sequinned mini bridal veil – complete with felt lovebirds as a coronet, and with stitched pigeons all over her clothing and in her hair, fabricates pigeons to surprise passers by. A lovely gift to the delirious – and to all.”

PigeonGifts PigeonGifts2

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