handmade, homemade goodness

by Sayraphim on December 20, 2009

Firstly, two beautiful things.

We needed a peg bag, and rather than just buy one, I asked the ever clever Becclebee to sew us one. This is what she made…

I love the machine stitching, and the cute little jocks! How beautiful is that?

Next is some handgrown garden goodness. I went out this morning ans was presented by this. Beautiful, happy summer colours, bright green and that gorgous yellow! Christmas colours in Australia. This is our first ever zucchini flower, and I really think it’s stunning. Dreadfully uplifting for the morning!

Next comes our handmade chutney and preserves store. Squirreling away ripe goodness in jars for the lean winter months… I know it’s not a very pretty photo, but it’s the subject matter, not the composition that’s exciting in this one!

1) Corn relish made yesterday (can’t wait to try that, it’s a brand new recipe)
2) the last few jars of the very successful Orange Onion Marmalade
3) Sadie’s Tomato Chutney, the amazing recipe from Sadie and Lance
4) Dandelion Wine, from the cheerful flowers popping up all over the backyard. If you’ve never made dandelion wine, go outside and do it today. It needs to be bottled for at least a couple of months, we leave it for a year. It’s like delicate champagne when you open it, and totally worth the wait. 
5) Onion Chutney. Another brand new recipe that’s awaiting a suitable meal to open…

Last but not least is more, more more stars… These are Christmas decorations for a friend. I love handmade, homemade christmas decorations!

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