Here Be Dragons

HereBeDragonsHere Be Dragons focuses on abandoned urban spaces and our fear of the unknown. The title refers to the fantastic creatures and beasts that delineated the edges of the known world on maps for hundreds of years. The beasts marked the unknown and uncharted territories that people were afraid of.

Here Be Dragons consists of 5 40cm soft sculpture dragons based on a creature from Bishop Olaus Magnus’s 1539 ‘Carta Marina’, installed on the public side of fences at the front of abandoned or derelict properties around the Hobson’s Bay area.

In the spirit of the tradition this work references, the install sites are not publicised, instead the dragons are installed in public spaces and await discovery by intrepid adventurers.

By placing a creature on the front fence of abandoned buildings and dwellings, Here Be Dragons playfully refocuses community awareness on forgotten sites and reminds people that each of these sites is part of their community and not an unknown place to be wary of.

Here Be Dragons debuted in Hobson’s Bay’s Art in Public Places through April – May, 2013.

Here Be Dragons featured in the Hobson’s Bay Leader newspaper, you can see that article here.

All photos by Ilona Nelson