Hot Toddy recipe and the Lemony Drink of Death

by Sayraphim on June 10, 2009

Hot Toddies. They always sound so warming and wonderful. Everyone I know who indulges swears by them as remedies for colds and flus. And in the winter months, what could be better? Plus, there’s always a little of the witches brew feeling about them, which I love…

These are two recipes from a friend of mine, she changes them every time she makes them, depending on what she feels like. I’m going to be making one tonight, but I figured I’d share them with you today. Odds are some of you are sick too, and in need…

So, welcome to Dani’s Hot Toddy and the awesomely named Lemony drink of Death…

Hot toddy

lemon juice, hot water, whiskey or golden (or dark) rum, honey, and mint. probable just 15-30 mls of booze depending how alcoholic you like it.

lemony drink of death

On a saucepan, brew
juice of half a lemon
a birdseye or similiar chilli (you can just splice along the middle and de-seed) – optional
clove sliced garlic – optional
grated or thinly sliced ginger – generous amount
1/2 cup or 2/3 cup water

Brew for 10-15 mins. At end you can strain mixture, and once you have topped up with boiling water in a mug, have 2-3 portions.

Once on mug, add a disprin or asproclear (esp if suffering from sore joints, sore throat or glands), a nip of scotch, and a sprig of mint!

It’s quite a full on drink, but good to just swallow down. add vitamin c powder if you have it.

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becclebee June 11, 2009 at 12:35 am

woah. the lemony drink of death is very aptly named… i hope it made you feel better. it seems to me that it would slap you around a bit until you decided that how you were feeling before you drank the drink of death wasn't too bad after all!

Sayraphim June 15, 2009 at 12:09 am

I know. I have to admit, I'm a little worried about making it. I mean, I'm all for truth in advertising, but that seems pretty full on! But I will try it, it's only fair, since my friend sent it to me to make me feel better

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