I tried a thing. And it failed! How cool is that?

by Sayraphim on May 17, 2019

I’ve been thinking about YouTube’s different genre’s of edutube (which I talked about in the Definition of Edutube post) but basically they boiled it down to:

  • ‘Edutainment’- combining education with entertainment: Often hosted by curiosity-seeking hosts or subject matter experts, these videos provide memorable education on YouTube in a creative way.
  • Straightforward education and answers – sharing ‘how-to’, academic subjects or curriculum-based: Often hosted by teachers or experts, these videos can help an audience master a specific subject and/or learn exactly how to accomplish a task. They are usually developed around a curriculum.
  • Skill-based learning – teaching skills to enhance careers: Often hosted by professional in a specific vocation, an expert, or an organization that provides skill-based teaching.

And I liked the division between edutainment and skill based learning. And that’s made me think about knowledge/theory videos vs skill based/practical videos. While I was recovering from surgery last year, I watched a lot of cooking tv shows and now I know how to cook, which is awesome. But it also made me understand another division, educational vs inspirational. What I mean by that is educational shows/videos take you step by step through a making process, for example 5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver, which shows you everything you need to make the meal and takes you step by step through it, vs inspirational, shows that don’t show you how to make things but instead show amazing meals that people make, like Masterchef or The Great British/Australian/Kiwi Bake Off. 

And all these cookings shows I watched are in various points on the two scales- between theory and skills based and between educational and inspirational. So I tried to see if you could chart them on a scale that shows both:

Turns out, no. Although some shows are all theory and inspiration and some are all educational and skills, I’m not satisfied with how they are laid out in this chart. This doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good way to think about things, it just means the type of chart I tried to use for this is not right.

If you’d got suggestions as to a better way to lay this idea out, do let me know in the comments!

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