I’m firmly convinced, it’s the stash from hell

by Sayraphim on September 8, 2008

I’ve been having a look at Ravelry. It seems like a good organisational tool. You can list the yarn you have, the projects you’ve got on, the future ones you want to try, all that sort of jazz. That sounds lovely. I’d love to have that all easily seperatable in my head, so clear and crystal seperate that I could enter it all into a website. Lay it out for my fellow crafters to admire and enjoy. Like a little stall of cakes.

But instead, I have a big list of Things To Knit in my head that all sort of overlap and my stash… well… I’m firmly convinced, it’s the stash from hell. I know that all the balls of wool are melding together to make a yarn monster, and each time I buy another and add it to the pile, it assimilates it and really it’s a thinking, living, breathing monster with a will of its own.

Exhibit A

Please note the knitting needles sticking out of it where other, lesser crafters have gone in for the kill, and the tendrils that go down to the ground where it’s slowly escaping from it’s perch. It’s like a tangle of vines in a jungle.

Also note all the dolls I put on top of it to keep it from growing. The idea was that although they were of the same stuff as the stash, they are order rather than the primordial chaos that is the stash, and that somehow they would keep it in check. Unfortuntaly I think they are more on it’s side than mine, the traitors.

I know other people have craft rooms, and trapped here in this tiny dwelling I envy them. I do have a studio across town, but when I’m knitting I need instant gratification, and getting in the car or on PT to head all the way over there to pick up some wool and head all the way back isnt the sort of instant gratification I as part of this MTV, 30 seconds of ad break and back to the extreme program generation are used to.

So I have a stash here instead. I did try to have it organised, one basket was for smaller balls of wool and one was for bigger. But it started getting out of hand as I bought more and more, Hi my name is Sayra and I’m an addict, and then I started getting more needles and stabbing them into the pile was the only way I was assured I wouldn’t loose them, but then the wool drops off and tangles around the needles like an unhappy octopus and then… gradually it dawned on me that my stash was something more than a pile of yarn rolled into balls…

At night when I pass the darkened loungeroom, there are quiet snuffling sounds. And in the morning often there are toast crumbs on the bench where there were none before. I don’t want to alarm you, but I am firmly convinced my stash clambers down at night and sits on the couch, watches a bit of telly and gets the munchies.

My peanut butter supply dwindles faster than I can account for. But I figure as long as I keep it happy in peanut butter, it wont develop a taste for flesh.

In other news, I finished my first knitting workshop today, it was a group of older ladies from different backgrounds and they were all terribly excited about knitting a doll. One of the ladies is knitting a doll of herself, the others I think are jsut knitting dolls. One lady, the oldest, doesn’t speak much english, another lady was translating everything for her. So I’m getting the Neighbourhood house to translate the pattern I wrote into Turkish for her, so she doesn’t need to ask her daughter to help her with it. It was ace to watch them knit, and they knitted so fast! Two of the ladies surpassed me by a mile!

I loved doing it, and loved how into it they were. It made me really happy to do. I can’t wait for next week when I show them how to knit clothing! Now all I gotta do is create some. I’ve got the basic idea down, it jsut needs some tweeking. And knitting.

But I’m afraid to ask my stash for contributions. Maybe I’ll jsut go buy some more…

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