interview on 3CR!

by Sayraphim on January 14, 2009

I just wanted to let you all know I’m being interviewed on 3CR today at 5:30!

They have a program called DIY Arts Show woth Nicole Hurbutise and Jane Curtis, and they’re running a series called:Arts Geek, DIY artists and the web. John Retallick from The Comic Spot was on last week, and this week I’m going to be talking about using online communities to organise exhibitions and events, as well as general thoughts on web communities.

So tune in on 855AM, or go the the website and listen to it streamed live.

There’ll also be podcasts of it after the interview goes out here.

I’m so stoked!

And how amazing is technology. You’ll get to hear my thoughts today about the amazingness that is community and the net, but technology, there’s another incrediblness! My internet is down today, so I’m sitting in an outside garden area of a cafe under a big shady umbrella enjoying free internet and the weather. There’s a coffee slowly getting cold by my side and the birds are occasionally singing. Who’d have thought, even a few years ago that this would have been possible?

There’s a lot of downsides to it, but really, how good is modern life?

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