Is there nothing knitters can’t do? Part 2

by Sayraphim on January 12, 2009

So I firstly stumbled across this image when I was searching for mummies. As in the monsters. As in The Curse Of… and other such classic movies, let alone Brendan Fraser in between his Encino Man and Scrubs period. So no, I have no idea how this one came up, but I’m glad it did.

A knitted house. How ace is that? The website that it’s on only has this to say about it: This home was created by a group of women who enlisted the help of friends and family.

Not a lot of information, but that’s sometimes the way it goes. There’s a couple more photos on the site, including a close up of the flowers on the window by the door. Again, no details as to HOW they did it – is it around the mother of all cardboard boxes? is it wrapped around a small house? Peering at it closely I can see that some of it is see-through, and it appears that there’s a scaffold underneath it. Well, that’s the most logical way to do it in my mind.

And of course, all the experts tell us that we should match our decor. If you have a knitted house, the next item on the shopping list would be Some kind of knitted transport. Teresa Honeywell has knitted this motorbike, it’s a cover around a real bike. If you’re not a bikin’ kind of person, how about a knitted ferrari? Lauren Porter and 20 of her family and friends knittted this in honour of Lauren graduating from Uni. It’s created on a steel frame Lauren welded herself.

If you prefer a more enviromentally friendly way to travel, how about a bicycle? Ok, I realise this is a little cheaty, cause I think it’s a little bike (check out the size of the stitches vs the size of the bike and that it appears to be sitting on a table cloth) but I figured it fit nicely in with todays topic, which is:


I can’t read the website the bike came from, but here is the link in case you can

On a side note, one of the sentances I copied into this post from the other websites had an odd piece of code in it, which means that if I look in the HTML part of this post, there’s heaps of these:
< / knitting > Which I think is only fitting, seeing as the knitting part of this post is now done.

In other news, my marionette has been featured in a treasury about puppets called Strings, which is lovely, and I’m getting some ace comments about my Lucky Rocketship Underpants Tee.

And yesterday I finished off 4 artworks (and half finished a 5th) which have been sitting on my desk (read ‘entirly covering’) for a couple of months now. So there’s a nice sence of achievement there. And last night I started knitting a mummy, trailing bandages and all. Its almost done, I figure it’ll be finished by tonight. When we were young, we had a tape of the entire Monster Mash album (which you can find all of the songs here… erm, only if you’re in America, apparently), which included a bunch of other songs by the same band, including one between Dracula and his girlfriend Vampira, one abut Drac wanting to go to a blood bank, one about Igor wanting to quit his job with Boris and work with Drac (with one of my favourite quotes (to be read out loud in a slightly accented and kind of a little slowly) “But master, I want to work niiiiights, with Count Dracularrrrr”) One where the Wolfman is jealous of Boris’s sucess with the song Monster Mash and tried to start his own band, but halfway through a song turns into a werewolf and rips up the stage, and of course, the ever beautiful ballad Me and My Mummy, which ran:
it happened in Egypt on the banks of the Nile,
at the base of her pyramid she gave me a smile
her bandage unravelled, decayed flesh I did see,
Now it’s me and my mummy, my mummy and me

the chorus ran Me and my mummy and me and my mummy and me and my mummy and me…

I can’t remember the whole song, but the last verse is:

We married, in Cairo, the very next day
and outside our crypt, the inscription does say
here lies two mummies, wrapped close as can be
it’s jsut me and my mummy, my mummy and me…

Bizarre and weird album, and as a kid I loved it. We played the tape to death as I recall.

Anyway, I’ll photograph the mummy when it’s finished, but thinking about that song and staring at the mummy sitting on my bed makes me wonder if the mummy I’m knitting is her or him.

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