It was the Monster Mash…

by Sayraphim on January 16, 2009

Firstly, the interview went really well! I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough to say so I made a page of notes I could refer too. But then I started speaking and off I went. I spoke for 20 mins and still had a bunch of things to say. So I’ll write a post over the weekend of all the things I didn’t manage to fit into the interview but is totally on topic!

Until then, I just wanted to share with you my two latest knitted guys. The aforementioned mummy, and a new yeti.

This new strain of knitted guys comes from two streams of thought. I’ve always been a big fan of monsters, and so after remembering the Monster Mash album the other day, I figured I’d get back into knitting a few of the classic monsters.

Plus, I just sold a baby yeti the other day on etsy, so I figured I’d make another, without making exactly the same one again. Jude pointed out that it took a year for the first yeti to go, but hey. I’m an optimist.

I’ve done enough of the burlesque girls for now, although I do have a couple I never quite finished that I’ll get around to finishing and put up, but in a nice blended merge, I’m halfway through knitting a Vampiria, plunging neckline, boobs, fangs and all. After that I’m thinking a Medusa. I’ve figured out how to do her tiny snake hair without having to crochet, knit or make my eyes bleed, so that’s exciting and I can’t wait to start her.

Here, I have a confession to make. I’m not so into this fad of ‘monsters’ that is currently sweeping the crafting world. I’m just not sold on the type of monster that seems to be thrown together from a weird lumpy shape, a couple of irregular eyes and some fangs. I do think they can be done well, for instance the amazingly prolific Love And A Sandwich is an awesome monster maker, but on the whole I’m just not a fan. I’d like to think that love, care and thought has gone into the making of a softie, and oftentimes those kinds of monsters just leave something to be desired.

And that might get me lynched by those same monsters next time I step outside my front door at night, but I’ll be ready. Garlic, silver bullets and a couple of my own guys who have my back.

Walk softly, but carry a big torch…

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