Knitting workshop

by Sayraphim on October 6, 2008

I’ve just come back from the Turkish Ladies Knitting Workshop, week three.

One of the ladies wanted to make a dress, but wanted a heart on it, so I quickly made her a pattern, and then knitted the heart bit as an example for her.

She was really thrilled and started her dress right away. It was lovely to be able to create exactly what she wanted and see her face when I showed her.

Another lady came in with what she’s made at home. She finished her first doll and crocheted it a dress and jacket, and then crocheted herself a second doll. She also bought in a teapot cosy she had crocheted her sister-in-law, but then borrowed back to bring in and show us.
Sorry for the crappy quality photos, I only had my phone on me at the time.

I had knitted a belly dancer and a man in a Turkish costume, but when I showed the ladies today, I was told I picked the wrong colours for the dancer! She is dark purple with silver trim. Belly dancers are always very bright. So the lovely lady crocheted some white around the dancers skirt and top to brighten her up. I thought that was so sweet! I also got the turkish man’s trousers wrong, so she’s taken him home to fix him. Here is the belly dancer, and I have been sent home with instructions for beading to brighten her up further.

I did research on the costumes, but evidently not enough, which is a little embarrassing, but they seemed not to mind, so that made me feel a bit better about it.

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