Little Blue Birds tutorial

by Sayraphim on December 12, 2008

A friend of mine is really into birds at the moment, and i decided to make her some. These are simple birds that require less than the amount of material that it takes to make a full shirt sleeve each. I know this because i made these guys out of a 70s shirt I bought from an op shop. The pattern on it suggests feathers, while being the sort of pattern my friend loves. So it is a gift totally tailored to her. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it for people you know! The bird is two coloured, under the wings and tail are (in these birds) plain white. But you can make them any two colours you fancy, or just one if you prefer.

For each bird you’ll need:
About the amount of material
used in a long shirt sleeve in COLOUR 1
A couple of pieces of material in a contrasting colour (if you’re doing it that way) which is COLOUR 2
needle and thread of the same colour



Step one: Download the bird pattern here and print it out A4 sized.

Step two: cut out the pattern and place it on the material. Remember you’ll need 2 of the body, 2 of the tail and 4 of the wings. If you’re going with the two toned bird, you’ll need 2 of the body
in COLOUR 1, 1 tail in COLOUR 1, 1 tail in COLOUR 2, 2 wings in COLOUR 1 and 2 wings in COLOUR 2

Step three: Assembly is pretty easy with this one. Place the body right sides together and stitch around most of it, leaving a gap of around 7cm (2 1/2″) at either the neck or the bottom to enable you to turn it right side out.

Step four: turn the bird right side out and stuff firmly, then stitch the gap closed.

Step five: Place the 2 of wings right side together and stitch around, again leaving a gap to turn right side out. If you’re going the two coloured bird, remember to stitch a COLOUR 1 wing to a COLOUR 2 wing. Turn right side out and stuff.

Step six: Place the 2 tails right side in and stitch around, leaving a gap. Turn right side out and stuff.

Step seven: Here is the fun bit (well, it’s all been fun up to now, hasn’t it? So I should say – here’s where you can let your creativity shine!) Placement of the wings and tail are up to you. If you look at the photo, one bird has it’s wings up and it’s tail down, and the other has it’s wings down and it’s tail up. I prefer the look of the wings-up bird, but this is your Little Blue Bird and you stitch it however you want! So place the wings and tail in whichever position makes you the happiest and stitch firmly around about 1/3 of the edge. Check out the picture to the left, you can see I’ve only stitched around the curve of the wing.

Step eight: Sew eyes. I used 2 buttons, a black one on top of a clear one. If you’re using buttons with 4 holes, be cause not to stitch them through the holes with the thread in a X formation – I always think that makes whatever you’re making look dead. Unless that’s what you’re going for. Crows, Ravens, Zombies Birds, that sort of thing needs X’s for eyes… I guess…

And thus your Little Blue Bird (who has never said a word…) is done!

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