Lucky Street

lucky_streetLucky Street utilises the 5,000 year old Nazar Evil Eye charm to spread good wishes throughout the community. Typically, Nazars are handmade glass talismans that protect the owner from the evil eye and deflect bad luck.

Influenced by the growing trend of yarn bombing and graffiti knitting, Lucky Street reinterprets the talisman via the medium of crochet, These talismans will line the street offering good luck and well wishes to those who pass by them.

Lucky Street continues public artist Sayraphim Lothian’s exploration of guerrilla kindness and moments surprise and joy on the streets.


Lucky Street debuted on King St, Newtown in Sydney on June 15, 2013.

Lucky Street was then installed around the streets of New York over October and November, 2013 by the amazing Kaitlyn Clare.