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The Tyee: Crafting the Art of Resistance
“A quick grounding in [craftivism] can be gleaned from the videos on Lothian’s site that offer both historical perspective as well as a global look at the different ways that people have knitted, embroidered and stenciled the fight against oppression and injustice.”


Women of Wool, undated
“How the little marcher and keen sewer became a public space artist known for guerilla acts of kindness and part of ‘craftivism’s’ creative advanced guard is an interesting tale.”



Creative Live, 20 February, 2016
“And to see Lothian’s work given so willfully and joyfully is inspiring, as not only does it light a spark of altruism, it also evokes a sense of play back into everyday life.”



The Age, 20 March, 2015
“Lothian is an expert when it comes to creating whimsical interruptions to our daily lives.”, 31 March, 2015
“Sayraphim Lothian is an artist I really admire, especially her work around Guerrilla Kindness.”, 16 April, 2015
“Sayraphim Lothian…has a new artist in residency project that is very interesting!”


Sometimes Melbourne Theatre, 4 August, 2014

“Craftivist Sayraphim Lothian says A Moment in Yarn is a participatory craft experience; I say it’s absolutely beautiful…”

Crafting a Green World, 24 May, 2014
“Sayraphim Lothian is a craftivism superstar…”

Make, 12 May, 2014
an artist who leaves sculptures of cupcakes with little anonymous notes in public places for people to take…”

Buzzfeed, 23 April, 2014
“The artist leaves foam cupcakes around Melbourne for strangers to find…”

CTV News interview, New Zealand, 19 March, 2014
“…a random act of kindness from one overseas visitor…”

The Press newspaper, New Zealand, 17 March, 2014
“…acts of guerrilla kindness”

New Zealand Herald, 2 February, 2014
“…an arts project that will temporarily double the country’s kakapo population.”

Crisp Magazine, February, 2014
An interview by the editor of Crisp


Milkbar Magazine, 30 July, 2013
Interactive artist Sayraphim Lothian wants to create a little moment of enchantment in your everyday life. She wants you to stop and take notice of things normally unseen.”

Naomi Bulger : messages in bottles, 30 July, 2013
It is mid-morning. You are walking through the city, minding your own business, when you spot something colourful on a stone fence up ahead. You pick it up. It is a journal, lovingly hand-made, and beautiful.”

Peppermint Magazine, 30 July, 2013
If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can keep it, or pass on the goodwill by adding your own message and leaving it elsewhere”

Meld Magazine, 29 July, 2013
“…each book promises to be one heck of a find for whoever is lucky enough to stumble upon it. Sayraphim will be quietly dropping her books in places over Melbourne from August 1 to 10, so keep your eyes peeled for the colourful tomes!”

A City with a Quirk, 18 July, 2013
Sharing Ink is a participatory art project which focuses on strengthening communities via shared experience.”

Everguide, 17 July, 2013
Through a treasure hunt of human kindness, artist Sayraphim Lothian hopes to bring the community closer together with her latest project, Sharing Ink.”

SYN FM Radio interview, 4 July, 2013
Listen to it here.

Time Out Melbourne, 3 July 2013
“In an attempt to highlight the beauty and unpredictable nature of modern life, artist Sayraphim Lothian will be leaving handmade, inscribed books in various places around the CBD as a gift to whoever picks them up.

Crafty Magazine, 24 April, 2013
“We grill Australian artist Sayraphim Lothia on the joy of Guerrilla crafts and making something special for a stranger.”

Hobson’s Bay Leader newspaper, 23 April, 2013
“DRAGONS are being scattered throughout Hobsons Bay in a bid to inspire people to appreciate their usually unloved lairs…”

Dialogue at BAC, 12 January, 2013
“I love this project for so many reasons…”


“Stitched-up pests take to the streets” Dandenong Leader newspaper and website by Raelene Wilson

“Critters in the concrete jungle”Dandenong Journal newspaper and website by Cameron Lucadou-Wells

“Opening the door to a fun filled favourite”The Age newspaper and website by Cameron Woodhead

“MUST for this weekend”Sometimes Melbourne blog by Anne-Marie Peard

“The play’s the thing: let the adult games begin”The Age newspaper and website by Robin Usher

“Pop Up Playground”Deep Fun website by Bernie DeKoven

Interview for “Cultural Cringe” column Inpress street paper and website by Rebecca Cook

“Crafting brings the joy” Whipup blog by Sayraphim Lothian

“Gilding the City” Curvy World website by Nicole Tattersall

“Gilding the City” Whipup blog by Sayraphim Lothian

“A Moment in Yarn” Curvy World website by Carmen


“Art @ Monash Medical Centre” Melbourne Art Critic blog, by Mark Holsworth


“Ilnor” (image) Antithesis, volume 20, 2010, School of culture and communication, University of Melbourne, p172

Kodak Salon catalogue, p4

“Sayraphim Lothian Talks About Her Work”, Superpunch blog, by John Struan

“Behind the scenes look: Where The Wild Things Are”, Puppeteers Unite blog, by Tom Stewart


Image: Heads on and we shoot, the making of Where The Wild Things Are

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