Mi Casa Es Su Casa

bristol7Mi Casa Es Su Casa is a guerrilla kindness piece, exploring the themes of hospitality and feeling at home in another country. It was created as a response to a trip to the UK where everyone we met extended such warmth and generosity that we felt most welcome at every step of the journey.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa,  translates from Spanish as My House Is Your House. It’s a welcome, an invitation to be at home as you enter the dwelling. This work is an invitation to those who find them to be kind to one another. It’s an acknowledgement that we are all neighbours, that we all have things in common. It is an exploration of community, the global neighbourhood and feeling welcome

The works are small, handsewn houses created from a recycled wool jumper and scarf. Each has a green paper lawn on which is written Mi casa es su casa (my house is your house) @ Sayraphim.

The first house was gifted to the Nowhere Island Embassy, which we encountered on it’s final weekend of a year long trip around the UK. Nowhere Island is a Situations work led by Alex Hartley exploring themes of community, nationality, citizenship and global warming. You can read more about it at the website

Nine more Mi Casa houses were installed in Bristol, in and around Castle Park.

Another ten were installed a week later around the Battersea Arts Centre in London

Mi Casa Es Su Casa also has a companion piece, Home a poem performed at the Battersea Arts Centre for their One Minute Manifesto. You can see a video of that here.