Midnight in the City

by Sayraphim on November 10, 2011

During the last 6 weeks, I’ve been involved in a residency at the NGV studio called Game/Play, in conjunction with Freeplay and Pop Up Playground.

As part of this we ran 2 Playdays for the general public. Loads of games were played and fun was had. On the last of these Playdays, I ran a playful event called Midnight in the City.

We wanted a drop-in station where people could hang out and do stuff if they came while other games were already running, or when nothing else was going on. So I created Midnight in the City, where people were invited to graf, tag, pasteup and generally decorate a blank cardboard city.

Check out these great photos from the day!

We were reliably informed by her mum this was not her first graffiti

As the sun went down and we packed up, we left the cardboard city in the studio for people to admire the artwork for the last week. I was really happy how it went and Midnight in the City will certainly be reappearing again at another Pop Up Playgound event soon.

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