Midnight in the City

AmidnightWelcome to the City of Paper.
It’s time to decorate the streets.

Laid out in front of the participants is an empty, colourless city and it’s their job to decorate it.

We provide textas, photocopied images, coloured and plain paper and the obligatory glue sticks, scissors and tape.
They chop, change, mix up, mash up, create from scratch, rip, tear, cut, paste, draw, make and build upon what is laid out in front of them.

Participants are encouraged to make the streets their gallery in this gallery of streets.
Bring on the art.

Midnight in the City is a drop in playful experience for people of all ages.

Midnight in the City has been presented at:
Pop Up Playground’s National Gallery of Victoria residency, 2010
This is a Door, 2012
Fresh Air Festival, 2013