My first lecture, now up on Youtube!

by Sayraphim on September 23, 2019

So I am a tutor at a university, I’m teaching pre-service (under grad) teaching students. The subject delivers online lectures and readings but face to face tutorials (which is where I come in). Each tutor was asked to record a lecture, and mine was for this week’s classes on “Comparing Histories: Multiple perspectives and how they overlap”

Usually the lectures are a power point presentation with an audio track. But because I’m a YouTuber, I did the video youtube style.

I was really happy with it, and it’s also my first ever paid edutube gig. Hooray!

I was a little worried about how the faculty would take it, as it includes things like emojis and lego, so I was pretty nervous submitting it, but the faculty were REALLY happy with it! My boss even declared she was promoting me to professor 🙂

Universities own the IP (intellectual property) of things made by their employees, however in my uni’s IP agreement, there’s this clause:

Teaching Materials
(12) The University encourages the authors of Teaching Materials to consider making such materials publicly and freely available, e.g., via the internet, or publishing commercially providing that those materials are not subject to a prior third party agreement, such as a contract for the design or delivery of a course or training program

So I’m very pleased to be able to share this teaching material freely on the internet!

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