One Minute Manifesto

The BAC runs a night called One Minute Manifesto in which people are invited to speak their mind on any subject they care about. On the brochure it asks “What gets you fired up? What’s on your mind? .. what are you passionate about?” When doing my site analysis I was introduced to the woman organising the night who asked me if I would do one. I had just seen Kate Tempest perform her 90 minute epic poem Brand New Ancients in the Council Chambers upstairs and so I decided I’d do a poem on the theme I was exploring, the concepts of the global neighbourhood and feeling at home at the BAC. So I wrote and performed a poem called Home.

Home – A One Minute Manifesto for the Battersea Arts Centre from Sayraphim Lothian on Vimeo.

A tiny thin light
Bounced around the world
And illuminated a tiny keyhole.

An steel key dropped on the doormat
And we joyously dropped everything we were doing

Wings took flight
And the cramped conditions didn’t negate
The end result

We went from brown and pink to red and back again
in a matter of hours

(It was warmer than we thought
It was the only thing that took us by surprise)

We found a million tiny paper hearts
Waiting on the pavements
Beside tiny printed rules
of a million other games

We listened at the walls for whispers long gone
And we watched imprisoned birds think their time had come

We wandered down new streets
We’d seen a million times before
And Saw strangers we’ve known for years

We feasted on yesterday’s breakfast
And last night’s wine

We ebbed and flowed and flowed and ebbed
While under the light of a lifelong moon

Mi Casa Es Su Casa
My city is your city
The world is filled with this city
All our cities are one.

Nothing, yet, is unfamiliar
Being lost is not unknown

Nostalgic for now

And Tonight
This is my
Gift to