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Onefourfour is a themed project curated by photographer Ilona Nelson.

You can see the artists and each month’s responses on the Onefourfour blog.

(January theme: LIGHT)



There is only one work of art in space. It’s a 10cm (3in) aluminum human figure lying on the surface of the moon and is known as Fallen Astronaut. It was created by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck, who intended it to stand upright and be a tiny but moving tribute to the wonders and achievements of humanity. It was installed by Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott on August 1, 1971. Unknown to Van Hoeydonck, Scott lay it in the dust in front of a plaque as a monument to the 12 astronauts and cosmonauts who have died in space.

ARISE is a work in response to the Luna statuette, a 3d printed figure which encourages the Fallen Astronaut to rise up and fulfill the destiny envisioned for it by it’s creator, to stand proudly on the surface of the moon and to represent the whole of humanity. ARISE’s STI file is downloadable here to create your own 3d ARISE model. The more earth-bound figures there are out in the world they more they encourage the Fallen Astronaut to ARISE.

ARISE2To read more about Fallen Astronaut and the controversy surrounding it, check out this article on

With very great thanks to Elliot Summers who modeled the figure and to Chad Toprak who printed it.

(February theme: SURFACE)


Study in linen and paint
Acrylic paint, vintage d’oliey¬†

(March theme: COLLAGE)


Christchurch, New Zealand
Digital photograph

(April theme: FORM)

Digital photograph

(May theme: SPACE)

SPACE_web Space to Think
Digital photograph

(June theme: PLACE)

Linocut on canvas

(July theme: REPETITION)

repetition20 years on
Digital photograph